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our plans work like mobile phone tariff's.. the higher the monthly rental, the more inclusive resources!

VPS Reseller - Pay As You Go

VPS Reseller Hosting
The monthly fee is just 1.00 and that as the monthly fee you will pay to gain access to our OnAPP based cloud platform.
Once you signup you can login to OnAPP control panel to build VPSs. As a reseller you can also manage your VMs using our iOS or Android app ideal for rebooting/expanding VM's when on the move!
You will also get access to our WHMCS module so you can offer VPS signups on your own website. The module will build the VPS and allow your clients to manage their VPSs direct from your WHMCS install including upgrades/rebooting/startup/shutdown/backup/view backups and restore backups.
Account Credit
You will be required to add credit (below) to open your account with us. You will only be required to pre-pay TODAY once this credit has been used we will invoice and bill you on the 1st of each month for additional usage.
If you don't build any VMs then you'll only pay the 1.00 monthly account fee with nothing else to pay.
Are you ready to access OnAPP and start building Cloud VPS servers with SSD?
We look forward to having you as a VPS partner.

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