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WHMCS Module

Our WHMCS Module for our Domain Name Reseller system can be downloaded from here:

1) Download the above file, extract to your desktop

2) Upload  the module into the main WHMCS directory.

3) Login to WHMCS as admin, Go to Setup → Products/Services → Domain Registrars and activate module.

4) Set credentials for the API connection.

In a html editor, download and open includes/additionaldomainfields.php from WHMCS.

at the very end of the file find:


add the following before it:

$filename = dirname(__FILE__).DS.'..'.DS.'modules'.DS.'registrars'.DS.'CHPDomainReseller'.DS.'CHPDomainReseller.php';
    require_once ($filename);
    $fields = CHPDomainReseller_GetDomainFields();
        $additionaldomainfields = $fields;     

make sure after the code that ?> is then shown on the next line.

save and reupload the file.

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