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PHP Mail Script with SMTP Authentication (UPDATED)

You can find an example of how to use this script HERE

An SMTP Authentication sample script was sent to us by a customer. This has now been adapted to be more user friendly by us and provided below.

The script should be saved in the same directory as your contact form, and it should be named "sendmail.php"

You must first have a HTML form set up already, with it's "action" property set to the "sendmail.php":


$mail = new EMail;

//Enter your SMTP server (defaults to ""):
$mail->Server = "localhost";    

//Enter your FULL email address:
$mail->Username = '';    

//Enter the password for your email address:
$mail->Password = 'YourPassword';
//Enter the email address you wish to send FROM (Name is an optional friendly name):
$mail->SetFrom("","Your name");  

//Enter the email address you wish to send TO (Name is an optional friendly name):
$mail->AddTo("","Recipient's Name");

//You can add multiple recipients:

//Enter the Subject of your message:
$mail->Subject = "Some subject or other";

//Enter the content of your email message:
$mail->Message = "Some html message";

//Optional extras
$mail->ContentType = "text/html";    // Defaults to "text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1"
//$mail->Headers['X-SomeHeader'] = 'abcde';    // Set some extra headers if required

echo $success = $mail->Send(); //Send the email.

This is the EMail class.
Anything below this should not be edited unless you really know what you're doing.
class EMail
  const newline = "\r\n";

    $Port, $Localhost, $skt;

    $Server, $Username, $Password, $ConnectTimeout, $ResponseTimeout,
    $Headers, $ContentType, $From, $To, $Cc, $Subject, $Message,

  function __construct()
    $this->Server = "";
    $this->Port = 25;
    $this->Localhost = "localhost";
    $this->ConnectTimeout = 30;
    $this->ResponseTimeout = 8;
    $this->From = array();
    $this->To = array();
    $this->Cc = array();
    $this->Log = array();
    $this->Headers['MIME-Version'] = "1.0";
    $this->Headers['Content-type'] = "text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1";

  private function GetResponse()
    stream_set_timeout($this->skt, $this->ResponseTimeout);
    $response = '';
    while (($line = fgets($this->skt, 515)) != false)
 $response .= trim($line) . "\n";
 if (substr($line,3,1)==' ') break;
    return trim($response);

  private function SendCMD($CMD)
    fputs($this->skt, $CMD . self::newline);

    return $this->GetResponse();

  private function FmtAddr(&$addr)
    if ($addr[1] == "") return $addr[0]; else return "\"{$addr[1]}\" <{$addr[0]}>";

  private function FmtAddrList(&$addrs)
    $list = "";
    foreach ($addrs as $addr)
      if ($list) $list .= ", ".self::newline."\t";
      $list .= $this->FmtAddr($addr);
    return $list;

  function AddTo($addr,$name = "")
    $this->To[] = array($addr,$name);

  function AddCc($addr,$name = "")
    $this->Cc[] = array($addr,$name);

  function SetFrom($addr,$name = "")
    $this->From = array($addr,$name);
  function Send()
    $newLine = self::newline;

    //Connect to the host on the specified port
    $this->skt = fsockopen($this->Server, $this->Port, $errno, $errstr, $this->ConnectTimeout);

    if (empty($this->skt))
      return false;

    $this->Log['connection'] = $this->GetResponse();

    //Say Hello to SMTP
    $this->Log['helo']     = $this->SendCMD("EHLO {$this->Localhost}");

    //Request Auth Login
    $this->Log['auth']     = $this->SendCMD("AUTH LOGIN");
    $this->Log['username'] = $this->SendCMD(base64_encode($this->Username));
    $this->Log['password'] = $this->SendCMD(base64_encode($this->Password));

    //Email From
    $this->Log['mailfrom'] = $this->SendCMD("MAIL FROM:<{$this->From[0]}>");

    //Email To
    $i = 1;
    foreach (array_merge($this->To,$this->Cc) as $addr)
      $this->Log['rcptto'.$i++] = $this->SendCMD("RCPT TO:<{$addr[0]}>");

    //The Email
    $this->Log['data1'] = $this->SendCMD("DATA");

    //Construct Headers
    if (!empty($this->ContentType))
      $this->Headers['Content-type'] = $this->ContentType;
    $this->Headers['From'] = $this->FmtAddr($this->From);
    $this->Headers['To'] = $this->FmtAddrList($this->To);
    if (!empty($this->Cc))
      $this->Headers['Cc'] = $this->FmtAddrList($this->Cc);
    $this->Headers['Subject'] = $this->Subject;
    $this->Headers['Date'] = date('r');

    $headers = '';
    foreach ($this->Headers as $key => $val)
      $headers .= $key . ': ' . $val . self::newline;

    $this->Log['data2'] = $this->SendCMD("{$headers}{$newLine}{$this->Message}{$newLine}.");

    // Say Bye to SMTP
    $this->Log['quit']  = $this->SendCMD("QUIT");


    return substr($this->Log['data2'],0,3) == "250";

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