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Wordpress Mail Form not working

Q: My wordpress mail/contact forms are not working on shared hosting?

A: Our shared hosting platform does not support phpmail function as this is often used for spam scripts which sends masses of spam from our servers.

The fix is to install a plugin WP-SMTP ( )

Please do the following in order:

Login to your control panel and create an email account, for example wordpressmail@MYDOMAIN  (MYDOMAIN to be replaced with your domain name)
Make sure you use a very secure password, we suggest using a 16 character or more random generated password from 
make a note of the password.

Install the WP-SMTP Plugin in your wordpress and make sure the plugin is active

Open the plugin settings and fill the form out.

Name: Your Website/Shop Name
email address:  your email address for any email replies
smtp host:  mail.MYDOMAIN  (replace MyDOMAIN with your domain name)
SMTP Secure: None
SMTP Port: 25
SMTP Authentication: Yes
username: this is the email address you created in your control panel earlier, ie wordpressmail@MYDOMAIN  (MYDOMAIN to be replaced with your domain name)
password: this is the secure password you created with the email address

Save all the changes.

This will fix all your mail functions for all mail items on your wordpress website.
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