Backups - Frequently asked questions

Cyber Host Pro do full off-site backups of all servers, websites, email and databases backups every night.  This is for our use to help us with disaster recovery, such as hardware failures.

Our backups are carried out overnight from midnight (UK time) and are full server backups.  This enables us to hot swap servers in the case of a disaster very quickly to get services back up and running with minimum downtime.

We store a rolling 10 days worth of backups in our vault, with the oldest backup deleted when the next backup is completed.

We recommend that you keep regular backups your own websites and databases using the tools provided in your control panel, as any restore requested from our vault for an individual database, email address or website is not fully what our Emergency Vault is setup for.

Due to this being a manual task, Cyber Host Pro charges a small administration fee to restore from the Emergency Vault, which varies depending on what actually needs to be restored.  For details of our current Restore Administration Fees, please visit https://portal.cyberhostpro.com/knowledgebase/66/File-Restore-Administration-Fees.html

To request or discuss a possible restore, please open a support ticket and once it is confirmed that we are able to restore from the date you require, we will raise an invoice.  Once paid, the restore is be carried out, usually within an average of 1 hour.

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