MS SQL Database Restores

Cyber Host Pro provide a free online backup & restore tool for MS SQL Server 2005 to all our hosting clients.  Restore/Backup times vary depending on the size of the database.

To perform a backup/restore:

Helm Control Panel (Windows 2003 Hosting):

1.  Login to HELM and click Domains.

2.  Click on your domain name with the database, then click on Databases.  Select the database name you want to backup or restore.

3.  Click on the link to open SQL Tools.  Click on MyLittleBackup.  This will load the MyLittleBackup tool.

4.  Login to the application with your SQL Database login username and password.

Dot Net Panel (Windows 2008 Hosting):

1.  Login to Dot Net Panel and click on your hosting plan name.

2.  On the left hover your mouse on Databases and click SQL 2005. A list of SQL Databases will load.

3.  Click the database name.  Click Maintenance Tools then select Backup or Restore database and follow the prompts.



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