File Restore Administration Fee's

Cyber Host Pro Provide tools to do your own backups/restores free of charge.  If you do not make your own backups and require a restore from our Emergency Restore Vault then they will be a administration fee for the Restore.

Prices for Restores:

Windows Hosting customers:

Website Restore (per website): £10.00
Database Restore (per database): £10.00
E-Mail Restore (all mailbox on domain): £10.00

Linux Hosting Customers:

By default, your CPanel account will have an icon  "R1soft".  Clicking this icon will allow you to access our restore vault to restore your own files/folders. However if you do not want to do it yourself, or you have receated a user on another drive/server the costs are as follows:

Full /home/USER or /home2/USER  Restore (per user): £10.00
Public_HTML Restore: £10.00

We always recommend using the tools we have purchased for our clients to be able to make your own backups & restores without the need of occuring costs.

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